The Skybox Group Announces The Launch Of a New Consumer Products Division To Amazon.Com

Las Vegas, Nevada Oct 20 / 2023

The Skybox Group is pleased to announce it’s relaunch of our consumer products division for home and office based Finance and Sports Tickers.

Ryan Cahoy, Rise Display Chief Revenue Officer commented how excited we are to bring our new high resolution 4mm and 6mm pixel pitch Fancave and Office Tickers to amazon with our own web page.  We have been marketing and installing our iconic Rise Display brand for two decades for large Commercial products and are thrilled to now offer them direct to consumers.

The Tickers are Powered by our new proprietary RiseTicker mobile APP that allows consumers to select their own sports content from a library or select from hundreds of stocks or Financial information feeds.

Customer preferences such speed or brightness can be set in seconds and custom messaging is a breeze by sending a text from the APP. The Tickers can be updated from anywhere with the click of a mouse.There is no product like it in the world.

We have created an exclusive division for our new affordable low cost solution named Rise Fancave, this exciting new brand has been launched to five star ratings and rave reviews.

Ryan commented he would like to thank the entire Rise Division for their hard work and dedication to this successful product launch.

For further information contact us at The Skybox


Rise Fancave is a division and brand of The Skybox Group of companies that also includes Rise Display, Skybox Sports Network, BetSkybox and the Skybox Gaming Group.

All  Skybox brands and products fall within our core competency of bringing innovative propriety products to the North American Sports Wagering and Casino industry.

With over 30 states and provinces now offering some sort of Sport Wagering, The Skybox Group is poised for substantial growth into the North, South and Latin American emerging markets.