Las Vegas, NV. January 1 / 2024

Letter to Shareholders,

On behalf of the Skybox Sports Network I would like to express my sincere thanks for your support of Skybox.

It’s a time to reflect on our numerous 2023 accomplishments and to mention just a few of the go forward plans we have in the cue for 2024.

Please note we are updating our data base and are aware many shareholders have made address or email changes and if you have made any changes please drop us a quick email to investors@skyboxsportsnetwork.com with your recent address, phone number.

In preparation of public markets, a capital raise and future growth strategies we are pleased to announce the appointment of several new members to the management team, Blair Wilson as Chairman of the Board, ( COB ) Nelson Lamb as Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) and Tony White as Chief Operating Officer ( COO ) all have extensive experience in the capital markets with business development back grounds, as CEO I would personally like to thank them for their positive approach, enthusiasm and invaluable input.

The integration process of two iconic brands Rise Display and Skybox is complete with systems, manufacturing and operations running smooth, without the team work and goodwill of everyone in the organization obtaining our goals and objectives success would not have been possible, I thank you all for your dedication, loyalty and resilience.

Together with manufacturing and technology we have built the worlds best products for commercial and consumer Ticker applications with the hard and soft revenue streams of hardware and recurring revenue, we have successfully achieved a 100% consumer market share and approximately 70% market share in commercial products.

Skybox remains focused on our core competencies of the ” Picks And Shovels ” providers to the Sports Betting and Gaming sectors, our products are unique, custom and proprietary, with our investment in platforms near complete our direction will take us to ” cookie cutter ” expansion into new distributed markets within North America and Global. The creation of our new real time stock updates and platforms will open new revenue streams and growth applications at the consumer level.

We have laid the foundation for an incredible future, we have launched new divisions, brands and products, we have accumulated and created several good companies and brands and turned them into one new fantastic company, The Skybox Group.

The Skybox Group has grown to a company of over 20 employees and a dozen contractors, we have expanded our Las Vegas warehouse with dock level loading for inventory, shipping and receiving that includes a new showroom and offices. Skybox also maintains a newsroom and accounting department in Victoria, BC.

Our new BetSkybox brand is Licensed with the Ohio Casino Control Commission and Ohio Lottery for Sports Betting, BetSkybox has partnered with IGT of Las Vegas, we have a management team and Networks Operating Center in Columbus, Ohio for our Sports Betting Terminals that are placed into our host locations such as bars, restaurants and Sportsbooks.

We have recently launched our new web site The Skybox Group to better reflect our brands and corporate direction, please take a little time to review the management bios, news releases and each brand division, the site remains a work in progress.

Our corporate legal work has been a complicated merger of four corporations in two countries that involved a reverse triangular merger with Genesis Acquisition.It is now near complete with next steps to finalize year end audits and final submission’s for approvals, we hope to have it all finished by late Q2.

We have consolidated and paid down debt and acquisitions, stakeholders and corporate evaluations have increased and after numerous set backs we have never waned on the goal of our co-founders in building a global company, the opportunities and direction of your company has never been more promising or with a stronger future.

We are forecasting 2024 revenue and handle in the area of three to four million dollars Cdn. for the Sports Gaming Division, estimated consolidated revenue in all other brands in the area of eight to nine million Cdn. Overall shipping costs, supply chain issues and interest rates seem to have stabilized for now but we still see potential headwinds in an uncertain economy and global political uncertainty. We have several initiatives underway that include European expansion into soccer with possible acquisitions and the addition of new products in the Casino and Gaming sectors.

In closing we will be appointing an investor relations company, in the mean time we will be constantly updating the web site at https://theskyboxgroup.com/ so please check in often for news updates under the Media icon, a review of the news releases will give you a chronological order of progress. We are appointing a new transfer agent and new electronic share certificates will be issued in due coarse.

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, good health and prosperity. Thank You for your patience, support and loyalty in building Skybox we are excited to move on to the next chapter in 2024.

Ron Frederickson

CEO, President

The Skybox Group