It’s been a busy year at The Skybox Group and we would like to personally thank everyone for their support, we have had a terrific year and continue to build on new revenue streams, product development, markets and corporate structure.

Skybox is a new age Digital Media Corporation that transmits informative and entertaining Live Sports, Financial and News content via our own proprietary brand of products for Commercial and Consumer clients with Pick n’ Pay subscription based content services.

We have launched many new products for emerging markets and have remained focused on our core competency of Intelligent Signage Solutions. We have established our company as a Global Leader in Live Sports Entertainment and are proud to have created the world’s first visual consumer products for Sports Betting, news and relevant fun content.

In 2023 we have achieved many accomplishments with the creation of a new programming APP for our Ticker Signage, licensed Sports Betting in Ohio through the Ohio Lottery and Ohio Casino Control Commission, we have deployed over 70 Sports Betting Kiosks into Restaurants, Sports Bars and Convenience stores to date. We have launched our own brand of Sports Betting Kiosks with Ticket redemption and have designed a Ticket Cashing Redemption Kiosk in conjunction with IGT, several new inattentive and brands are in progress for 2024 launch that include Global Expansion.

We are excited to announce the appointment of three new directors in preparation of future growth to our existing management team, all bios are listed in our corporate header.

Skybox and it’s unique suite of proprietary products are on the front lines of the new USA PASPA legislation of legalizing Sports Betting as a factory direct manufacturer of both hardware and software we offer simple turn key solutions based on hard and soft revenue streams. We have established offices in Victoria, BC, Canada, Las Vegas, Nevada,Shenzhen, China and Columbus, Ohio that facilitate customer service, technical support, shipping and sales.

It’s an exciting time at The Skybox Group as your management team will continue to work through 2024 and beyond to position the company for great success.

Thank you, Ron Frederickson

The Skybox Group