About The Skybox Group

The Skybox Group has pioneered digital products all based with our own proprietary firmware and protocols.  As a factory direct manufacturer, Skybox is a client-specific custom provider for both commercial and consumer products. Revenue is generated through hardware and recurring data subscriptions for the lifetime of the hardware.

Skybox is the “Picks and Shovels “provider to the 220 billion dollar global sports betting industry, which has expanded due to legislative changes in over 30 USA states and Canadian provinces.

In May 2020, Skybox acquired Rise Display of Shawnee, Missouri that included a dedicated and professional management and sales team, the immensely successful integration of the two companies has now resulted in a significant sales increase including a Las Vegas warehouse and showroom expansion with a highly skilled shipping, manufacturing, technical support and the addition of real time data to a proprietary control APP for commercial and consumer applications.

The Skybox Group manages five unique and successful brands all within our core competency of “intelligence signage solutions” the five brands are:

1.       Rise Display with its proven business model and iconic brand markets high resolution quality Sports and Financial Ticker signage with real time relevant content to Colleges, Universities, High Schools and Business Labs for Financial content. The APP drives sports content to Casinos, Sports bars, Restaurants and Commercial retail locations, both interior and exterior Ticker signage is offered in an ever increasing vertical market. Revenue is achieved through both the hardware and recurring data feeds for the approximate ten year life span of the hardware.

2.       Skybox Fancave is a recognized brand of low cost entertaining consumer Tickers and Odds Boards with a loyal and proven ever increasing customer base throughout North America, products are marketed through our own e-commerce web sites and amazon, expansion into Global Markets for soccer is under development. Skybox has successfully deployed thousands of consumer Tickers also based on recurring data feed revenue for the life span of the product. Custom and propriety sports wagering Content is offered and created from the Skybox newsroom with a team of Live journalists 365, there is no product like it.

3.       BetSkybox is a legal and licensed sports betting company that has been awarded a TYPE C Proprietor license from the Ohio Lottery and Ohio Casino Control Commission to place sports betting Kiosks in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and convenience stores throughout the state of Ohio. BetSkybox has partnered with IGT of Las Vegas, NV and has opened a fully staffed sales and customer service network operating center in Columbus Ohio. The sports betting Kiosks pare well with Skybox Tickers and Odds Boards that also display on premise promotions for the Kiosks.

4.       Skybox Gaming Group manufactures its own brand of sports betting Kiosks that includes a custom ATM with an automated sports ticket cashing and redemption component for a completely automated sports betting experience, the ticket redemption kiosk is created with Skybox proprietary software and code that is agnostic to additional operating platforms. The kiosk is currently operating on the IGT platform that will open additional North American markets for the product. Additionally, Skybox Gaming Group has developed its own proprietary Kiosk model named FanCash that can operate agnostic sports wagering software with a ticket redemption function built into just one Kiosk. The new products displayed at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

5.       Skybox Sports Network manufactures and distributes a specialty line of sportsbook products to the Sportsbook and iGaming industries that include custom Tickers, odds boards, video walls, recliners and signage for marketing, all from the Las Vegas showroom and shipping center.

Skybox was incorporated on June 15, 2020, as a Nevada corporation. The Canadian head office of Skybox is located at 208 – 2800 Bryn Maur Rd. Victoria, BC V9B 3T4 and its USA office is located at 5075 Cameron St, Ste G, Las Vegas, NV. 89118.